Sixties rocker Arthur Brown accidentally turned himself into a human inferno, during a performance of his hit song FIRE. The British star - frontman of The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown - was performing his most famous hit at a concert in his hometown of Lewes, East Sussex, when a pyrotechnic stunt went badly wrong. After strapping on a helmet, dousing it with flammable fluid and lighting it, the flames quickly spread to his clothes, also setting his hair alight. One of his backing musicians rushed to help - but ended up on fire too. Bemused audience members presumed the stunt was part of the show and applauded - but stage attendants quickly realised something was wrong and rushed to help and swiftly put the flames out. The rocker even returned on stage to finish the song. Brown later told the Sussex Express newspaper, "I'm absolutely fine. I think the firefighting precautions worked and they put me out straight away. "My mum always told me to wear a cotton vest and without it things could have been a lot worse. "I think there was just too much lighter fluid in the helmet." Brown, 65, has performed the stunt hundreds of times and has vowed not to let the accident stop him.