EVERCLEAR star Art Alexakis is still disappointed in cheating former U.S. presidential candidate John Edwards - because he campaigned for the Democrat in 2004.
Despite his denials, Edwards was outed as the father of former assistant Rielle Hunter's lovechild at the beginning of 2010. He has since admitted fathering an illegitimate child while he ran for office and his wife Elizabeth battled cancer.
Fervent Democrat Alexakis admits he was not surprised when the truth came out: "He couldn't keep his d**k in his pants... People are people, men are men, and men who have power and have the looks that John Edwards has, I'm not surprised. I stumped for him and I saw some things that made me a little uneasy then, I don't want to go int it."
And now the rocker insists he can no longer support the man he once campaigned for: "I think personal lives have a lot to say about anyone's professional life... You're asking people to trust you with monumental decisions and also tax payers' money. In John's case, it wasn't just screwing around, it was lying about it - and, to make matters worse, it was on his dying wife.
"He had a child with this woman and he lied about his own child. I mean, don't these people know that the truth is always gonna come out? Everybody you know above the age of 12 has a video camera in their pocket."