Review of In The Year 2525 Single by Arrows Of Love

Review of Arrows Of Love's single In The Year 2525

Arrows Of Love In The Year 2525 Single

Most cover versions seem to fly straight to Number One; the likes of Boyzone and Westlife have made a career out of it, however a fiver says.

.actually forget that fifty quid says 'In The Year 2525' by Arrows Of Love will NOT hit Number One. Let's shake on it! Well you owe me fifty quid, why? Well this is actually this is going to be a limited edition. Very bloody limited!!!! There will be twenty limited copies which will be accompanied by individual artwork for each of the 20 copies.

Although 'In The Year 2525' has already been covered by Ian Brown on his latest album on 'My Way', Arrows Of Love version is a magnificent music mystery tour. Everything about this version is brilliant, the harmonies just the whole arrangement of the song.

If you want one of these twenty copies then according to their myspace the release date is on 7th December, being sold on eBay.


Mark Moore

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