Arnold Schwarzeneger’s political run might be done, but this is far from the end for the Governator’s publicity.

His latest flick The Last Stand has been getting quite a lot of hype lately. And it really doesn’t seem like this good-guy-vs-bad-guy story has anything to offer in the way of originality, but everybody seems to just be really excited that Arnie is back! And let’s face it, we are too. The timing – a January release – seems like a poor choice to release a brainless action flick, but with nothing else on the horizon currently, at least there won’t be any competition, right?

Schwarzeneger has been absent from the movie scene for eight whole years and at this point, it’s comforting to see his towering figure and hear that incredible accent on screen again. And not to mention that, where The Last Stand falters in terms of script and dialogue, it makes up for it in car chases and, well, the pure awesomness of the Governator. So, this one might not be making the critics all too happy, but we’re willing to bet that it will rake in quite the revenue, with audiences keen to just see Schwarzenegger back on screen.