The Governator is back! Not to politics, thankfully, but after the end of his term, it was time for Arnold Schwartzenegger to show everyone that his acting/tough guy chops are still there, as ever.

In The Last Stand, Arnie takes on his first starring role in ten years and although it isn’t really the brainiest of action flicks, did anyone really expect that anyway? It’s a low-aiming action, complete with loud and implausible shootouts and the occasional car chase, in order to sell a few cars, and guns. Then again, the competition for January sales isn’t really that stiff and with the cold weather driving people indoors, cozying up, even with something like The Last Stand, seems like the smart thing to do.

The plot is fairly straight forward – the story takes place over 24 action packed hours, during which Schwartzenegger (as 'The Good Guy Cop'), has to stop his corresponding Bad Guy – in this case a drug baron – from running free. The car chases and shoot outs, as well as an explosion or two – souped up, perhaps, but entertaining none the less – pad out the less than impressive script. Nothing spectacular, but then again, if last December’s Jack Reacher is anything to go by, it isn’t hard to make money with action these days. Then again, when has it ever been?