Arnold Schwarzenegger’s son kicked out of The Sayers Club For Threatening to Beat Up DJ, that’s the news, deal with it. He was at Hollywood's famous hangout, but was forced to leave following an apparent argument with the club's Dick Jockey.

"I'm gonna beat the f--k out of the DJ," the angry freshman said repeatedly to his pals, according to TMZ. "He kicks everybody out of his table, losing money for the club, losing money for the owner." A source explained to US Weekly what happened. "[Valadez] told him nicely a few times to please be careful because he kept bumping into it," the source explains. "I guess Patrick became annoyed so he started throwing ice at him. At this point one of the cocktail waitresses noticed it was Patrick Schwarzenegger and alerted the team who he was and that he was underage." Arnie is yet to comment on what happened, but we’d love to see the father son chat after this episode, if it’s true that is.

The Austrian beefcake has been imploring people to get out there and exercise their democratic rights. "Hope y'all go out and vote," he tweeted. "Getting the 'I Voted' sticker is worth it alone to go." He also said: "Can we all admit that the electoral college system is a joke and it should be banished? This system doesn't make sense to me," adding: "Let's all work together to get out of this economic slump and bring our national debt where it should be!"

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