Wrestling star JOHN CENA is keen to step into Arnold Schwarzenegger's shoes by landing the lead role in the next PREDATOR sequel. The tough guy is the clear favourite to land the role of OAK in PREDATOR 3, according to Internet film rumours, but he insists no one has called him and offered him the role yet. Cena is making it easy for the studio executives who may be considering him for the part - he'd love to tackle the Predator. He tells movie news site moviehole.net, "Everybody's been telling me about that (rumour). I wish somebody from the movie would actually call me about that." "I haven't heard anything yet, but, man, that'd be something fun to do.... I grew up on those movies. They were fun to watch and they honestly and legitimately gave, not only me, but a lot of people, heroes. "In retrospect, those movies have become cult classics... They are pieces of history that can't be ignored. I'd love to give it my best shot and I'm gonna try my damnedest to take that role."