In The Last Stand, Arnold Schwarzenegger at least comes true on his promise: "I'll be back," but does his return from the world of politics to the silver screen do justice to 'the man with the catchphrases'?

Unfortunately, compared to some of Arnie's classics, it doesn't. While some reviews praise the all-out silliness of it (what else would you expect from a film starring a 65-year old Schwarzenegger) the majority of opinions are negative for Jee-woon Kim's action flick. "The result is diverting enough for a low-expectations Friday night, but the ingredients were in place for something more," say Time Out in their 2/5 review. "A creaky, lethargic and daft action thriller," lament The Daily Express, while Sky Movies are disappointed with a missed opportunity: "Where the film could have been self-aware and a little cleverer for it," they say, "director Jee-woon Kim misses a trick by sticking to the action formula."

It wasn't all doom & gloom for The Last Stand, although every positive review seems to be laced with caveats. "Slapdash in its character portraits, the movie is slambang in its action scenes; it springs to life whenever it promises death," say TIME Magazine. "Get through the plot and you'll be rewarded with 30 minutes of whirligig mayhem," write Empire, kindly.