One of the best competitions in the history of the Internet opened up a few days ago, giving entrants the chance to fly out to L.A and ride shotgun in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s M47 Patton Tank and crush stuff. The comp is closed now – did you enter?

Arnold SchwarzennegerIt would be pretty fun to ride shotgun in Arnie's tank

If you did then you might have win, and you might be in line to “ride shotgun with Arnold in his M47 Patton tank. Yes, Arnold has a tank. Yes, this is your chance to ride in it. Not only that, but you'll also get to use the tank to crush something. And if you're into working out, you can lift together on it too. There's a high probability that this will be the best day of your life. Cigars included.”

Of course, there’s a good cause behind all of this. For this contest, Omaze are helping out After School All-Stars, a leading national provider of year-round, school-based, comprehensive after-school programs. During the year, kids can participate in free programs that include academic support, enrichment opportunities, and health/fitness activities.

Apparently, according to the website, if you win you’ll learn that “Arnold's as hardcore in real life as he is on screen, that you need to workout more, and how it feels to ride in a tank like a badass.” Sounds pretty good to us.

In a promo vid for the initiative, Arnie rides around in his tank and crushes stuff in what can only be described as a teaser for what the eventual winner will receive. Arnold displays his "own f--king tank" and then proceeds to crush a variety of objects, including a sofa, bubble wrap, a taxi cab, piano and a weight bench with 501 pounds.

Watch Arnie talk about Sly