Arnold Schwarzenegger is in talks to star in 'The Toxic Avenger'.

The 'Terminator' actor is in negotiations to lead the cast in director-and-writer Steve Pink's blockbuster remake of the low budget sci-fi movie.

The film centres on a high school student who is dumped in a vat of toxic waste but survives with one major side effect - he transforms into a superhuman monster upon contact with toxic chemicals.

Schwarzenegger is in talks to play 'The Exterminator', an ex-black ops agent who trains the titular character to hone and control his newfound powers and use them for good.

The action star has been mounting a movie comeback over the last year after taking a multi-year hiatus while in public office as the Governor of California.

Producer Michael Benaroya said in a statement: ''Moviegoers around the world were thrilled when Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to acting so effortlessly filling the gap that he left behind. He is the ultimate action hero with a natural comedic versatility and will be pitch perfect in 'The Toxic Avenger'.''

Director Steve Pink is best known for helming comedy 'Hot Tub Time Machine'.

Schwazenegger's post-gubernatorial roles include 'The Expendables 2' and 'The Last Stand', and he will next be seen in action thriller 'Ten'.