The former Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger has apparently spent time under arrest, as his eagerness to pursue a career in bodybuilding saw him end up in an Austrian army prison.
Although he was only 18 at the time, the future star of Predator and the newly remade Total Recall, was taken into custody when he went Awol from his barracks to join the Junior Mr. Europe contest in Germany whilst serving his mandatory year of conscription in the Austrian army.
The Austrian native revealed the shocking truth during a segment in a new documentary that follows the early years of his career as a bodybuilder, prior to him becoming one of the most successful bodybuilders of all time.
Although initially dismissive of his aspirations, his superiors in the military would go on to give their full support for him to work on his body. They even aided him in gaining muscles by setting up a makeshift gym within his barracks and gave him the nutritious food he needed to build up his body. His parents however were a little less approving.
All this and more is revealed in the upcoming, Espn produced mini-documentary on the beginnings of the star's career. The biopic Arnold's Blueprint is set to premiere on September 26.