The former Governor of California was stopped by cops in Melbourne after he was spotted pedalling down a street in the city centre without proper protection.

Cyclists can face a fine of up to $112 (£70) if they are caught riding without a helmet, but Schwarzenegger was let off with a warning.

Senior Constable Robert Gillson, who pulled over the star, tells Australia's Fairfax Media, "I saw a group of cyclists riding ahead of me and we just went up to do a routine intercept. Then we noticed that Arnold Schwarzenegger was in the crowd. We spoke to him briefly and had a little chat with him about the reason why I pulled him over. He was very likeable and very approachable. He stated that his father was a policeman, so there was very much mutual respect there."

Officer Gillson ordered Schwarzenegger to head to the nearest convenience store to buy a helmet.