Arnold Schwarzenegger has been injured on every action movie he has starred in.

The 66-year-old actor has been hurt throughout his film career, with many mishaps resulting in him ending up in the emergency room, but none of his injuries have resulted in a set being ''shut down''.

He explained:''[Producers] don't like you to get injured, I get injured in every movie, but its small things like banging you're head on the camera - and you just go and get stitched up quickly in the emergency room and then you come right back and continue shooting - but when you injure your leg or shoulder that's when things shut down.''

Schwarzenegger - who can currently be seen in crime thriller 'Sabotage' - has always been in top physical condition throughout his career and first made a name for himself as a champion bodybuilder.

However, he admits there are ''certain exercises'' he can no longer do because at his age he could easily get injured.

Revealing his best workout tips, Schwarzenegger told BANG Showbiz: ''If you are going to work out you should really do the whole body. You should go from one machine to the next, don't stop, and adjust the weight of the machines to prevent injuries. As soon as you get older you get injuries, there's certain exercises you can't do.''