Action movie hero Arnold Schwarzenegger has admitted, in the light of the follow-up film Expendables 2, that he and fellow 80's screen icon Sylvester Stallone had planned to work together for decades.
According to Arnold, who was speaking a Television Critics Association meeting during the week, he and Stallone had discussed a potential on-screen link-up for almost twenties years. The two may have had to wait another twenty years for collaboration; that is if it wasn't for a chance meeting in the most unlikely of places.
He told reporters at the gala; "I was sitting at my hairdresser, and Sly came up to me and he said 'oh man, it would be so great if you could be doing just a little bit of something in my 'Expendables' movie."
So in case you were wondering where action movie stars go to hangout and meet up, it turns out it's the hair salon! And what resulted from this chance run-in was Arnold's cameo appearance in the first Expendables movie, one he filmed whilst serving as the Governor of California.
Arnold was at the Tca meeting to promote an upcoming mini-documentary titled Arnold's Blueprint, which explores the Austrian's time in his nations military and how the time there shaped him into the bodybuilder/actor/politician he is today. The short is due to air on Espn's website on September 26.
Arnie also talked a little about his new global policy think-tank based at the University of Southern California, one that is funded by and named after the former Governator and looks to examine non-partisan politics.