California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger dyes his hair brown to maintain his youthful looks, according to a Beverly Hills salon owner.

Hairdresser GUISEPPE FRANCO claims the former movie tough guy visits his boutique twice a month to have his grey hairs tinted brown and the occasional pampering pedicure.

Franco, who calls ARNIE a "dear, dear friend of mine", says, "He comes in maybe twice a month and gets a haircut and sometimes a pedicure for an ingrown toenail from his body-building days.

"And sometimes he gets a little colour - medium brown - on his sideburns. Most of the men do that, of course."

Franco tells the NEW YORK DAILY NEWS he charges Schwarzenegger $60 (GBP33) for the haircut and $16 (GBP9) for the pedicure - but he dyes his hair for free: "It's only a drop. My Catholic guilt would keep me awake at night if I charged him for that."

According to the Daily News, Schwarzenegger was recently seen smoking a cigar in the salon, while his security staff tried to stop him being spotted.

18/05/2004 17:09