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Arnie Stumbles Over His Environmental Issues

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was savaged by savvy political analyst BILL O'REILLY on American TV on Wednesday night (10SEP03) when the actor tried to talk politics. The TERMINATOR star and California Governor hopeful, who has been...

Republicans Want Arnie To Go It Alone

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's only Republican opponent in the race for California Governor is being asked to step down and back the movie star. Republican party leaders in Washington fear state senator TOM McCLINTOCK's campaign is...

Schwarzenegger Accuses Newspaper Of Campaign Bias

Political hopeful ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has accused California's leading daily newspaper of bias against his campaign to become the state's governor. The TERMINATOR actor claims the LOS ANGELES TIMES has carried negative stories of him...

Arnie's Ex Speaks Out

Aspiring politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is bracing himself for embarrassment after learning an alleged ex-girlfriend is planning to write a memoir featuring details about their romance. The TERMINATOR star is already fighting stories of past...

Arnie's Wife Gives Up Career For Family

Supporting husband ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's political ambitions was only part of the reason MARIA SHRIVER put her TV broadcasting career on hold - she also wanted to be a better mum. The news anchorwoman quit...

Clooney Refuses To Support Arnold

Democrat GEORGE CLOONEY is vehemently opposed to Republican candidate ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's bid to be Governor of California - because he strongly disapproves of his political plans. The OUT OF SIGHT hunk is a pal...

Arnie Losing In Latest Polls

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is lagging behind in the race for California Governor after missing out on a number of opportunities to air his policies. The Republican TERMINATOR star is five per cent behind Democrat opponent...

Dixie Chicks Slam Arnie's Politics

Outspoken country stars THE DIXIE CHICKS joined the growing list of celebrities opposing ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's bid to become California governor. The LANDSLIDE group - who famously created massive controversy after stating they were ashamed...

Arnie Upset Over Bad Joke

Movie star-turned-politician ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is demanding a public apology from California's Governor GRAY DAVIS over a racial slur he made against the TERMINATOR at the weekend. ARNIE was upset by a joke Davis cracked...

Arnie Snubbed By Mexican Parade

Action man ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is fuming after being dumped from a Mexican Independence Day parade in East Los Angeles. The TERMINATOR was hoping his participation would help in his campaign to become the next...

Arnie Admires Nixon

Movie muscle-man ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has provided his political opponents with more ammunition - by admitting he admires disgraced former American President RICHARD NIXON. The wannabe California Governor, 56, says he supports Nixon's policy of...

Belushi Organises Arnie Bash

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's RED HEAT co-star JAMES BELUSHI is helping the movie superstar raise cash for his campaign to run for Governor of California - by charging businessmen to meet him. Belushi has co-organised a...

Arnie Egged

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER was left with egg on his face and all over his sports jacket when a protestor hurled an egg at the movie star yesterday (03AUG03). The TERMINATOR star and wannabe California Governor...

Arnie Dismisses Questions About His Past

California governor hopeful ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has dismissed questions about his past - because they were "crazy times". The TERMINATOR star and former MR UNIVERSE is refusing to talk about his sex and drugs bodybuilding...

Schwarzenegger Accused Of Racism

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's campaign to become Governor of California has hit another stumbling block - he's been labelled a supporter of South Africa's crumbled apartheid system. According to journalist MATT DRUDGE, American network ABC has...

Stallone Warns Arnie Of Politics Danger

Hollywood actor SYLVESTER STALLONE has warned his fellow muscle-bound action hero ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER about the risks associated with entering politics - because there are no second takes. The ROCKY star believes ARNIE - who's...

Religious Group Urges Schwarzenegger To Tell All

An American religious group is urging ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER to set the record straight over a 1977 interview in which the actor-turned-politician discussed taking part in an orgy and using marijuana. The TRADITIONAL VALUES COALITION...

Schwarzenegger: 'Orgy Stories Were Just A Joke'

LATEST: California Governor hopeful ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has laughed off quotes he made in a 1970s magazine interview - insisting he was only trying be outrageous. The TERMINATOR star and former MR UNIVERSE told a...

Jamie Lee Curtis Slams Schwarzenegger Dirt-digging

LATEST: Actress JAMIE LEE CURTIS has slammed the press for dredging up elements of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's past as he vies to become Governor of California. Dirt-digging website THE SMOKING GUN has unveiled a 1977...

Arnie's Gun Control Row

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is facing some tough questions over his stance on gun control. The actor, who is now running for governor in California, seems to have upset both sides of the fence on...

Arnie's Orgy Shocker

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's wild past is set to catch up with him after a revealing magazine interview from his younger days was unearthed. The PREDATOR star, a candidate for Governor of California, was apparently interviewed...

Arnie's Sweet Tooth

California Governor hopeful ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has suffered a blow to his healthy image after it was discovered he lets his kids gorge on sugary candy. The Hollywood hardman was recently loaned a car while...

Schwarzenegger's Nazi Past

Hollywood action hero ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's bid for Governorship of California may be in trouble as new details of his father's Nazi past emerge. The Austrian action star has long known of his father's Nazi...

Coleman's Political Dreams Sparked By Tv Movie

DIFF'RENT STROKES star GARY COLEMAN's bid to become Governor of California is fact based on fiction - one Hollywood script has the pint-sized actor chasing his political dreams. Screenwriter ALEX KOGAN pitched an...

Tv President Pokes Fun At Arnie + Rob

TV president MARTIN SHEEN has poured scorn on ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's run for California Governor - because he's sure there's nothing the big guy can do if he wins the political race. Sheen, a fervent...

Fast Food Chain Urges Californians To Vote With Their Stomachs

An American fast food chain is trying to get a head start on the California recall election results by urging Mexican food fans to eat an ARNIE. TACO BELL bosses have renamed their beef...

Hollywood Democrats Join Up To Oppose Arnie

The cream of Hollywood's Democrat power players are teaming up to oppose ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's bid to become Governor of California. Opponents include TOM HANKS, who was reportedly angry to see an article claiming that...

Stern Forced To Axe Arnie Chat

New York shock jock HOWARD STERN was forced to cancel his radio chat with ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER yesterday (21AUG03) over fears the interview would breach Federal Communications Commission rules. Stern was hoping to chat to...

Cybill Lashes Out At Arnie

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER has been dealt a savage blow on the eve of his election run for California Governor - by actress and fervent Democrat CYBILL SHEPHERD. The MOONLIGHTING star, who once dated current Governor...

Moby Slams Arnie

Outspoken musician MOBY is a fierce opponent of ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's bid to become governor of California - and hopes the action man will have the "sense" to abandon his campaign. The TERMINATOR 3: RISE...

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