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Army Of Anyone Army Of Anyone Album

Currently on tour across North America, Army Of Anyone are another rock super-group formed from the ashes of disbanded acts. This particular collection sees Filter singer Robert Patrick being joined by ex-Stone Temple Pilots siblings Dean and Robert DeLeo, who all worked together on the track "A Better Place" for Patrick's former band.

With a distinctly American style, "It Doesn't Seem To Matter" successfully announces the band's intentions to engross your audio senses with huge riffs and big choruses. It gets under your skin and nearly has the affect for AOA that "Cochise" had for Audioslave - namely that the collection of talented musicians mean business. Patrick's vocals often mimic Scott Weiland's, particularly on "Goodbye", while the succession of riffs and scintillating guitar solos ( the afore-mentioned "A Better Place" and "Generation") do bring to mind the music of Weiland's new band and another 'super-group', Velvet Revolver.

The main problem for AOA is that they rarely excel, with tracks not fulfilling early promise ("Disappear") or in the case of "Ain't Enough", being totally forgettable. The level is lifted at times, with "Non Stop" being a dynamic rocker with attitude in abundance, but more often than not the band fail to hit the sweet spot. Certainly worth checking out though is the relentless "Father Figure", featuring kick-ass monster riffage - but it's not enough to make this record essential for investigation.

Alex Lai

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