A crewmember on Disney’s The Lone Ranger died on the set Friday morning (September 21, 2012), the studio told TheWrap.

Reports suggest the diver reportedly began to drown in a water tank while preparing for an underwater shot for the movie. The identity of the deceased is still unconfirmed, but Contactmusic.com will be reporting any updates to the story as soon as they are released. An official statement from the studio reads as follows: "We regretfully confirm that a Lone Ranger crew member has passed away after being taken to a local hospital. Our hearts and thoughts are with his family, friends, and colleagues at this time, and our full support is behind the investigation into the circumstances of this terrible event.” The man was in full cardiac arrest by the time responders reached the scene, reported TMZ. A helicopter ferried him to a nearby hospital, but EMTs were unable to restart his heart and he was pronounced dead there.

Disney halted the movie last summer over concerns about its budget, but problems of that ilk have been well and truly put into context following this tragic news. The Lone Ranger stars Armie Hammer as the leading man and Johnny Depp as his sidekick Tonto, and is set for a summer 2013 release.