Actor Armie Hammer narrowly avoided expulsion at school after coming up with a cheeky money-making ploy to sell Playboy magazines to his fellow classmates.

The Social Network star thought he and a friend could make a little pocket money by capitalising on teenage boys going through puberty and they started supplying pals with the adult magazine - complete with a little lotion for lubrication.

Their scam was soon exposed and school teachers demanded to see the contents of Hammer's locker - but the young entrepreneur was already one step ahead of them and his clever scheme saved him from being kicked out of school.

He explains, "We were in junior high and a buddy and I came up with a racket where we could bring these (Playboy magazines) to school and sell them, put them in a black bag and sell them with a little thing of lotion.

"The thing that kept us from getting kicked out of school is we would stash them all in the bushes around the school, never actually in the school. So one day I got called into the (principal's) office and they (teachers) were like, 'We'd like you to come with us. We're gonna check your locker.' I was like, 'Great, knock yourself out.' We go and open the locker and before they check it they go, 'Now, before we open this, is there anything you want to tell us?' I was like, 'No'... They were like, 'Because we've had reports that are very disturbing.' I go, 'Just open the locker' and they open it and it's full of lotion. Just bottles of lotion. But there's no Playboy in there. So they look at me and go, 'And what is all of this lotion for?' I go, 'Sir, I get very dry hands' - and there's nothing they can do about it!"