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The Stars Come Out At The Whitney Houston Biopic Première [Photos]

Whitney Houston Yaya DaCosta Angela Bassett Deborah Cox Arlen Escarpeta Berry Gordy David Foster Magic Johnson Niecy Nash

It would probably be an understatement to say that Whitney Houston was a beloved musician. The singer, actress and model has been often hailed as the most awarded musician of all time, and whether you listen to her songs as part of the soundtrack for a critically-polarising movie or while dancing the year away on 31st December each year, Houston is still the only artist to have seven consecutive top charting singles.

Yolanda Ross, Deborah Cox, Angela Bassett, Yaya DaCosta, Suzzanne Douglas and Arlen Escarpeta at the 'Whitney' premiere (credit Angela Weiss - Getty Images)
Yolanda Ross, Deborah Cox, Angela Bassett, Yaya DaCosta, Suzzanne Douglas and Arlen Escarpeta at the 'Whitney' premiere (credit Angela Weiss - Getty Images)

In the upcoming Lifetime biopic, 'Whitney', the life of the performer and her relationship with husband Bobby Brown, is charted from the days of her humble church choir beginnings up until her tragic death from a combination of heart failure and drowning at the guest room of The Beverly Hilton. Coincidently, just a few blocks away from the site of her death stands The Paley Centre for Media - the site of the premiere for 'Whitney'.

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Picture - Suzzanne Douglas, Angela Bassett, Arlen... Beverly Hills California United States, Tuesday 6th January 2015

Suzzanne Douglas, Angela Bassett, Arlen Escarpeta, Yaya Da Costa, Yol and a Ross - Premiere of Lifetime's 'Whitney' at The Paley Center for Media - Arrivals at Paley Center - Beverly Hills, California, United States - Tuesday 6th January 2015

Angela Bassett and Yaya Da Costa
Angela Bassett
Angela Bassett

Into The Storm - Featurette

'Into The Storm' director Steven Quale, producer Todd Garner and professional storm-chaser Reed Timmer unveil the truth about the tornadoes the film is based on in a short featurette.

'In this movie, this storm cell hangs around for four hours over one particular area so there's a number of different tornadoes that occur during that system', says Todd. One of those types is the Wedge Tornado which Reed explains is ' wider than it is tall and usually the strongest tornadoes', and Todd describes as an 'enormous machine of destruction that can have wind speeds as high as 300mph that can just rip buildings and roofs off like they're Styrofoam'. The movie is out on Blu-Ray and DVD on December 15th 2014.

Into The Storm Is Available On Blu-Ray And Dvd On 15th December 2014

Picture - Arlen Escarpeta - BET Awards... Los Angeles California United States, Saturday 23rd August 2014

Arlen Escarpeta - BET Awards Gifting Suite hosted by Celebrity Connected held at the Sofitel Beverly Hills - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Saturday 23rd August 2014

Into The Storm - Alternative Trailer

When Mother Nature takes hold, there's nothing anyone can do to thwart her plans for destruction. Silverton seems to be gearing up for another magnificently warm day in the sun, but it isn't long before the azure sky turns to grey and the sound of severe weather sirens flood the panicked streets. With no time to get to shelter or even to reach loved ones, all residents can hope to do is stick together and cling on for dear life as a series of colossal tornadoes crash through the town, sucking up everything in their paths. It's clear that not everyone's going to make it through such a brutal disaster as planes fail to divert and civillians are easily engulfed by the ever-multiplying twisters. But for one group of people, this is a day that must be remembered, and the town's most intrepid storm chasers venture out into the chaos to capture the remarkable sight on film.

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Into The Storm Trailer

It starts out as a gloriously sun-soaked day in Silverton, but in just a few hours, the blue sky darkens to grey and warning sirens can be heard blaring through all corners of the town. The sirens warn of an approaching mass of tornadoes spinning rapidly in their direction and residents are forced to take cover as the twisters demolish everything in reach. Not everyone can make it, and it's a terrifying ordeal for those whose shelters have been ripped apart. But, for one group of people, the ever intrepid storm chasers of the town, it's an opportunity of a lifetime to witness a major natural disaster on their own doorstep and they set out to follow the cyclones in a bid to land the perfect camera shot.

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Picture - Arlen Escarpeta - Los Angeles... Los Angeles CA United States, Monday 11th March 2013

Arlen Escarpeta - Los Angeles Premiere of 'The Incredible Burt Wonderstone' held at TCL Chinese Theatre - Los Angeles, CA, United States - Monday 11th March 2013



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