Young millionairess ATHINA ONASSIS ROUSSEL will marry her Brazilian boyfriend in December (05), after gaining control of half of her late shipping tycoon grandfather Aristotle Onassis' massive $1.2 billion fortune.

Athina, 20, will wed equestrian ALVARO 'DODA' NETO in the Brazilian capital Sao Paolo on 3 December.

After successfully challenging her French father THIERRY ROUSSEL for her $600 million (GBP315 million), the heiress is reportedly planning to pursue the second half of her grandfather's fortune, which has been put in a foundation and is now worth $1 billion.

A source tells PAGESIX.COM, "That foundation is based in Greece and controlled by a Greek board, and that may well be the reason Alvaro is pushing Athina to rediscover her Greek heritage."

Furthermore, STELIO PAPADIMITRIOU, president of the ALEXANDER S ONASSIS PUBLIC BENEFIT FOUNDATION, is quoted on the site, saying, "We are not going to turn it over to someone who has no connection with our culture, our religion, our language, or our shared experiences, and who never went to college or worked a day in her life."

06/04/2005 17:32