The story surrounding Ariel Winter’s alleged abuse at the hands of her mother seems to be getting stranger by the minute.

The original news broke that Ariel had been placed under the temporary guardianship of her sister, Shanelle, as Ariel had been subjected to abuse at the hands of her own mother, Chrystal Workman. According to court papers filed by the Modern Family actress, her mother had subjected her to “ongoing physical abuse (slapping, hitting, pushing) and emotional abuse (vile name-calling, personal insults about minor and minor's weight, attempts to 'sexualize' the minor, deprivation of food, etc.) for an extended period of time.”

Then came the news that Workman claimed to have discovered her daughter engaging in inappropriate behaviour with her eighteen year-old boyfriend. In an attempt to further smear her daughters and clear her own name, Workman has now claimed that Shanelle is simply trying to access her sister’s money. TMZ report that Chrystal has claimed that Shanelle asked a court to grant her access to Ariel’s bank accounts.

However, a source at the court has told TMZ that Shanelle never asked for a penny during the hearing. The court order stripping Chrystal of custody remains in place and it’s worth noting that Shanelle was also removed from Chrystal’s care 20 years ago, for similar reasons.