It all started with Ariel Winter's boyfriend, who was accused of behaving inappropriately with the Modern Family star. Her mother got angry, her sister got angry with her mother, and now her father is involved! Still with us?

Ariel Winter's Dad has filed an objection to the guardianship of his daughter, calling her "My Retirement Surprise Child". In his declaration - obtained by - Glenn Workman says, "I am physically, emotionally, and financially capable of caring for my daughter, without limitation.  No evidence has been produced that suggests any detriment to Ariel associated with my father-daughter relationship with her." Mr Workman objects to his other daughter Shanelle taking care of Ariel, arguing, "I am a frugal and modest person with a moderate income who doesn't need Ariel's income to survive. We enjoy going on long walks together ... and I love to listen to her talk to me ... I find her to be very interesting." Unfortunately, the whole situation appears to have become skewed because of the thousands of dollars that Ariel earns for each episode of Modern Family, though her father insists money is not the reason he has decided to get involved. "I believe Ariel has demonstrated a lot of maturity and is at an age now that she should have more control over her finances," he said.

Glenn does not address allegations that his wife Chrystal physically and emotionally abused Ariel, though does concede that their relationship is strained.