A judge has finally decided on Ariel Winter’s guardianship case, ruling that the Modern Family actress will stay in the care of her sister Shanelle Gray, until a permanent decision can be reached regarding who should look after her.

Ariel’s mother Chris Workman has been denied guardianship, following allegations of abusive behaviour. She claims, however that the problems between Arield and her started when she caught the 14 year old behaving inappropriately with her boyfriend.

Shanelle Gray was taken out of Workman’s care, as she too was abused as a child. Workman’s guardianship was taken away when Ariel provided the courts with “substantiated evidence” that Workman had been ill-treating her. Ariel’s father, Glenn Workman also tried to put in a bid to become Ariel’s guardian but the judge said no. A new date has been set for trial, on December 12, 2012, to determine who will become Winter’s guardian, in the long term.

Associated Press report that Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas wants the case to stay in court, so that they can help the Workman family toward reconciliation. “I guarantee if it stays here, it will get better.” In a joint statement, her mother and father reportedly wrote “Even the judge today agreed that reunification is so important for a family, and while Ariel is still temporarily with her sister for now, we remain hopeful she will be home soon.” It will be interesting to hear what happens when the court case happens on December 12.