Fresh information has emerged surrounding Ariel Winter’s family abuse scandal, this time from her mother, the woman initially alleged to have hit Ariel.

According to TMZ, who say they have obtained court transcripts,Chrystal Workman told a guardianship judge, that when she confronted her daughter about her relationship with an 18-year-old boy, Ariel attacked her and threatened to make her pay. Before that, though, the court heard that Chrystal was "a terror on the set of 'Modern Family' and that the producer and others there have expressed grave concern ..." this according to the lawyer for Ariel's sister, Shanelle Workman, who also said, "The child [Ariel] is, apparently, struck repeatedly, slapped, hit, pushed, not so as to leave marks. Mother is smart enough not to do that." To which Chrystal said, "She is an actress so I'm sure she can cry at the drop of a hat," insinuating that the allegations are false. The lawyer for Shanelle also claimed Chrystal "sexualizes the child," and showed the judge a pic of Ariel "dressed up to show off her breasts and otherwise."   

The family is embroiled in an abuse scandal as they were two decades ago, when Shanelle accused her mother of a similar crime. Chrystal denied these claims, saying that her daughter had run off with gang members, and ended up in crack houses.