The fate of Ariel Winter, where she lives and who she lives with has apparently been left up to various members of her family and whoever of them can best convince the court in their favour. Her mother, sister and father are all vying for custody of the child who is currently 14 years old, but co-starring in the American comedy, Modern Family.

Originally it was reported that Winter had accused her mother, Christoula "Chrystal" Workman, of emotional and physical abuse. According to TMZ, the Dept. of Children and Family Services has reported that evidence is 'inconclusive' regarding whether Christoula was physically abusive towards Ariel, but that she did commit emotional abuse against her daughter. The situation has now escalated to the point that Ariel may become a ward of the state, unless her sister Chanelle Gray can convince the court otherwise, to grand her permanent guardianship.

According to People, her estranged father Glenn Workman suggested that he move into the family home to care for Ariel, forcing her mother to move out, but the judge ruled this out. The judge also ruled out on the claims that Christoula made against Shanelle, which claimed the sister was simply 'money-grabbing'. Apparently the court is easily wooed by 'eloquent' language, and ruled that she doesn't have "ulterior motives." Being just 14 years old, working on a hit TV show, while still trying to get school work done and somehow fit in a social life, Ariel Winter hasn't commented publicly at all on what's going on, we simply hope that whatever the outcome, it's the best one for her.