Ariana Grande says she's too critical of her appearance.

The 21-year-old beauty insists that although she's an international pop star, she still feels the same pressure to look good as other young women and is trying to be less critical of her appearance.

She explained: ''Of course [I am critical]. A little too critical. It's been a part of my personal growth to be a little nicer to myself.

''Everyone needs to be a little nicer to themselves. We're all too hard on ourselves.''

However, the 'Problem' singer - who is rumoured to be dating Big Sean - claimed it is almost impossible to reach a point where you're happy with your image, as people are always presented with images of what they should look like.

She explained: ''It's so hard for women not to be critical about themselves when there's such a high bar set for what is acceptable.''

So, instead of worrying about her image, Ariana has decided to focus more on her personality.

The brunette beauty added to We Love Pop magazine: ''I just decided one day - 'Hey, I'm me. Everybody else can be them and I'll do the best I can. And I'll be a good person as that's more important than what I look like.' ''