After a pretty torrid week or so, Ariana Grande looks like she’s off the hook in terms of criminal charges over the now notorious ‘donut gate’ incident, with reports suggesting that the pop star will not be charged with criminal mischief.

TMZ reported on Monday afternoon (July 13th) that the 22 year old singer may be in the clear after the owner of Wolfee Donuts in Lake Elsinore, California does not want to press charges. It may have something to do with the store underperforming in a public health inspection in the wake of the scandal, which the same publication reported last week.

Demi LovatoAriana Grande will apparently not have charges brought against her by the owner of the shop behind 'donut-gate'

Ariana has been at the centre of a negative PR storm since the Fourth of July weekend, where a camera in the store caught her licking two donuts that were on the display shelf, while being heard to say to her companion Ricky Alvarez “I hate Americans. I hate America.”

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She was forced to cancel a scheduled appearance at the MLB All-Star Game concert in Cincinnati at the weekend. Her replacement Demi Lovato has denied making a sly reference to the donut incident when she asked the audience “how many of you guys are proud to be an American?” before performing her hit single ‘Made in the USA’.

Grande has apologised on two occasions since the incident. Firstly, she claimed that she was commenting on the rates of childhood obesity in the States at the time of the remark. Two days later, she had to climb down again, posting a video saying saying sorry for “preaching about my issues with the food industry”, adding that she was “so disgusted” with herself and that the fallout from the incident was “such a rude awakening”.

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