Ariana Grande is not having a good week but neither is the owner of a donut shop where she was videoed licking donuts, intended for sale, on display in Lake Elsinore, California. The shop owner reportedly handed over surveillance footage to the police and now health officials are investigating the incident.

Ariana GrandeAriana Grande's donut licking antics have landed a California shop in trouble with the authorities.

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The 22-year-old ‘More Problems’ singer was seen on footage, acquired by TMZ, at Wolfee Donuts on Saturday night (4th July) along with an unidentified male who she is seen kissing. Grande reportedly asked the shop assistant, who had placed a tray of donuts on the counter, to see another batch of donuts. The assistant leaves the donuts on the counter and Grande and her friend lick them before placing them back on the tray.

The owner handed over footage to the police, claiming Grande tampered with the food. The police, according to reports in the L.A. Times, do not believe a crime has been committed. Grande will not face charges for her actions. However, the footage was passed on to Riverside County’s health officials who are investigating the shop for food tampering.  

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The officials are reportedly investigating if the shop frequently leaves food where it can potentially be tampered with. Laws in California state that all food should be out of reach of the public. The donuts on the tray were all sold that night so an unknown number of customers may have eaten the contaminated goods. No one has reported any ill effects as a result of eating donuts from the shop as yet. 

Grande’s donut licking wasn’t, for many fans, the most upsetting aspect of the video as she was heard making comments about hating America and Americans. Grande has apologised for her comments, claiming they were taken out of context and that she was actually describing her distaste at how ‘freely we as Americans eat and consume things without giving any thought to the consequences it has on our health and society as a whole.’

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