Looks like Ariana Grande was taking some cues from an E.T. era Katy Perry when making her new video for Break Free. And maybe even a little bit of Xenon? The pop culture references are abundant in this one.

Ariana Grande
Campy space aliens are no match for Ariana Grande wielding a ray gun.

Basically, in this video, Ariana plays the character of Hot Space Rescuer Type Lady. Her Arianauts are apparently trapped on an alien world by alien humanoid frog people and like totally bummed out. And if you thought the 80s speak was a bit too much at the end of that sentence, just check out the video – you haven’t seen anything yet. So basically Ariana fights slimy aliens and wields a lazer gun like a pro. But when all else fails, she also has rocket launchers in her… um… chest region. Look, she shoots rockets out of her bra, ok?  Just putting that out there. After Madonna brought us the firework cone bra and Katy Perry upped the ante with her whip cream shooting cups, Ariana apparently wanted to get in on the action. Hence, rocket launching bra cups. Sure. Ok. Cool. No judgement here.

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So after Ariana proceeds to slay all the bad guys (including the bearded alien boss), she strips down to a silver crop top and shorts – in anti-gravity, natch – and does her victory dance with collaborator Zedd in the background. All in a day’s work for an international pop star/intergalactic heroine, apparently. Ariana's new album, My Everything, comes to rescue us from intergalactic boredom next Friday, August 22.

Ariana Grande
Ariana's new album is shaping up to be heavily dance-influenced.