Everyone is in Amsterdam this week for the MTV European Music Awards, but some are having less fun than others. Case in point: Ariana Grande’s hotel debacle. Well, it wasn’t actually the hotel that was at fault and, to be fair, the little mishap makes Ms Grande seem like a very nice person. The actress took to her balcony to greet her fans, like some sort of member of musical royalty.

Ariana Grande, Amsterdam
Ariana looking rather Juliette-like during her Amsterdam adventure.

Unfortunately, when Ariana tried to walk among her people, she was stopped (presumably for security reasons) by hotel management. You can’t keep the singer away from her fans apparently and she put up a fight. She even took to Twitter to vent her frustration, letting her fans (some of whom were no doubt among the screaming crowd below.)

Ariana Grande, Sushi Samba Heron Tower
Even with her evolving style, the singer refuses to dress sexier to sell her music.

The singer instagrammed a video of the… erm… enthusiastic crowd below her window, adding the caption: “"Good morning Amsterdam. Got in a fight with the hotel management because they wouldn't let me come down to say hi to y'all. They also said I couldn't wave from the balcony... Oops.”

Oh well. She might have risked permanent ear damage, but at least this is living proof that there are Ariana Grande fans across the world – extremely vocal ones at that.

Watch the Instagram video below, but take care to turn down your speakers.