Aretha Franklin's ongoing battle with ill health has forced her to drop out of an upcoming civil rights prizegiving.

The soul singer was set to be honoured at the Major League Baseball (Mlb) Beacon Awards in Chicago, Illinois on Saturday (24Aug13), the day of the Civil Rights Game, a baseball match to celebrate black players in the sport.

However, Franklin will now skip the luncheon as she continues to battle undisclosed health issues.

A statement from the star reads, "I greatly appreciate being a Beacon Award recipient. Presently, I am unable to travel as I continue my treatment. I am working toward a full recovery."

Major League Baseball executive Frank Robinson adds, "It is unfortunate that Aretha Franklin will not be able to attend the Mlb Beacon Awards Luncheon, but Major League Baseball wishes her the best throughout her treatment."

Franklin was set to be feted alongside American football star Bo Jackson for her contribution to the civil rights movement.

The music veteran has also pulled out of a number of summer (13) concert dates, and recently axed a show in Atlanta, Georgia scheduled for September (13).