Review of Ardentjohn's album On The Wire released through Fandango/Slow Train Records.

Scotland's loch loving, alpine air appreciating one time Italian Club Bianconiglio residents, Ardentjohn, have eventually followed up 2007's EP 'When The Time Comes' with their new album 'On The Wire'. Emanating originally from the 'Jewel In The Clyde' that is the Isle Of Bute, and picking up members along the A85 at Crieff, as well as further afield in New York and Alberta, Ardentjohn are either a lover of the extremely soft launch, or like the slow burn, as opposed to the fireworks and fanfare approach.

Ardentjohn have been rather spectacularly, and somewhat flatteringly, compared in parts of the more sycophantic Scottish media to Snow Patrol and Coldplay with their 'epic' musical compositions. More recently the similarities have been made to last years favourite new band of many 'Mumford & Sons'. Either way I think the comparisons a little far of the mark and wholly inaccurate. Ardentjohn share more in common with their Scottish counterparts and musical forebears, Travis, as well as a nod state side with whispers of 70's stadium fillers The Eagles. No bad pedigree, but more Steve Wright than Steve Lamacq.

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