Arctic Monkeys are planning to release a new album this year.

The 'R U Mine' band's drummer, Matt Helders, confirmed plans to follow up 2011's 'Suck it and See' in 2013, with the group currently hard at work in the US.

He told The Sun newspaper: ''Hopefully we'll get it out this year - that's the plan.''

However, he has also recently said the band - which also includes singer Alex Turner, bass player Nick O'Malley and guitarist Jamie Cook -

are in the early stages of writing and haven't recorded any songs ''specifically'' for a new album yet.

He added: ''We've just been working stuff out with the band. Nothing serious yet.

''It's just been us four working stuff out like we used to I guess.

''We had a bit of a break. It's always weird when you first get back into it to know what kind of songs we write any more.''

If any new material is ready, the band may debut it when they headline Glastonbury festival in the South West of England on June 28th.