British rockers Arctic Monkeys are set to shock fans with their latest promo - they have shot a sex tape-style film featuring drummer Matt Helders.
The Fluorescent Adolescent hitmakers will release the title track from their fourth album Suck It And See next month (Oct11), and to accompany the single they have filmed a controversial video.
It features Helders fleeing from violent gangs, firing a crossbow, and racing motorbikes before romping with a female model in a desert shack.
He tells NME, "It's good when it's not just like a porno - like, you can do it in a tasteful way. It's hard to watch it even now, but it's still got a quality to it. You know, it just makes it a bit more respectful... Mostly it was her doing stuff, so I just had to go with it. She was the one getting most of the directions.
"I'd only just met her but, yeah, we managed to do the job. Very nice girl... I thought it was going to get a bit of a reaction. I mean, it's a bit racy and it's me, innit?"