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18 August 2005


Archive - Interview

Archive - Interview

Contactmusic spoke to Danny from Archive

So how is your day going?

Ok thanks, just working away at the album. We also did a gig near Rimani in Italy a couple of weeks back; it was looking over the valley so that was a really nice outdoor gig. Things are pretty good for us in Italy .

Just to backtrack, how long have you been together?

Well we actually recorded the first album back in 1995, it got released in 1997. Island records were messing around for a while and it actually took us a year to release it. Daruis and I had been working together since about 1991. we did a lot of dance stuff together, we actually had a dance act called Genocide 2 and we had a couple of other things going on together including our own label so we decided to make an album together. That's when Londinium happened. We then got dropped and picked up by independente and released another album through them and then once again we got dropped, now we have been picked up by Warners. So far we've managed to do 2 albums, 2 soundtracks and an acoustic album for them.

Which soundtracks were they?

We did one of Luc Besson's films, It was a shit film actually! It looked like it could have been good when we first saw the footage of it and decided to do it, the cinematography was amazing. It was called Michelle Vaillant, it was a French film based on a Belgium character, it was a racing thing. It was really nice to be asked to do it and as I said some of the cinematography was excellent. We didn't actually see the film until the soundtrack was finished and when we did we were a little disappointed, the music was really low in it and there were loads of sound effects, we got great reviews for the music just a shame you couldn't really hear it.

You guys do a lot of work in Europe, are you still living in the UK ?

Yeah, I live in Tooting! To be honest I would love to live in Paris or somewhere like that. The record label are based there, I think we are going to look into it. Now all we really need is our laptops, it's not like we have to ship over rooms of equipment anymore. We will just see what happens after we finish this album.

You have had quite a turbulent history with record labels and such.

We have indeed; lead singers are no exception either! I'm not even sure who is singing on the rest album yet! We have at least three people who want to sing for us but we will see what happens. I'm not sure if it is us who are hard to work with or if it's them. I don't think we are too good at dealing with peoples egos. With the record label situation we are really happy with Warner Brothers, they have been brilliant. I'm looking forward to finding a new singer.

You had a spell with Independente for a while?

Yeah, it didn't last that long either. The album that we put out we were not really happy with. I think it was a typical second album really. We had to work with producers and do things that we hadn't done before. I think he took a lot of emotion out of it really. We weren't ever happy with releasing it to be honest. We are producers really so when we had a third producer I think we had too many people. I think by the end of recording we owed Independente something like five hundred thousand pounds by the time they dropped us.

When will Noise be released?

Well it's been out in Europe for quite a while now and it's going to be available in the UK via digital download from the middle of August. I'm still not very clued up on the whole New Media thing, I haven't really got my head around it yet. We actually recorded in London quit a while ago & we spent a month over in Paris where we mixed it. It took us about 4 months to make, which was very quick for us. The same guy we worked with on the soundtrack engineered Noise for us, he was into our music straight away and he understood what we wanted so we actually felt like we could leave it in his hands.

Noise is really beautifully arranged.

Thanks, we used an orchestra and things for this album. We've never done anything like that before. As we did the majority of the recording in a really small studio we thought we would treat ourselves and get an orchestra in. We are really happy with it. But the next album is completely different to this one. It's more electronic, less guitar based. I think we want it to be a little more up beat. We've done our stint of being down now! We always try and change things; you get bored if you stick to the same formula though.

Noise has been described as A slap in the bloated face of the record industry and its fake pop academies. '

We've always done our own thing. It's not easy trying to get airplay for a single called Fuck you' and before that we had a single called Again' that was 16 minutes long. We don't just try and please people for the sake of it; we like to do our own thing. Keep it interesting.

You've got a lot of European tour dates coming up, Are you playing any over here?

To be honest we've almost finished up all our dates this year, we have worked really hard on getting our live sound perfected, in Greece we were voted the best live band of the year. It's sounding really powerful! Being on the road is a great existence, waking up in a different country everyday and all you have to do is get on stage and blow peoples heads off.

Who are you using to sing whilst you're without a permanent front man?

We have 2 singers with us when we play live at the moment. We have Dave who actually has his own band called Bird Pen. He is just an incredible singer who we have been friends with for a long time and when we lost Craig, he was the only person I could think of that could actually do the job. We've got Maria in too, she has done work with us in the past so we thought it would be nice to get her back so we could do material off all the albums.

Which of your songs sums up your present mood and why?

Well it's been raining all morning so I'm feeling a little grim really. I think Waste has the right emotion behind it. It's quite long too today seems to be lasting quite a while. When we were writing we just always felt like we had to continue it. I think it needed space. It has quite a few dynamics in it; I don't think it gets boring though. I think it's a brave thing to do, write long tracks but not let them get boring.

You're adoration for music is obviously huge! What else are you really passionate about?

Food, cooking and eating! I've just moved into a new place with a great big kitchen so I'm feeling very inspired. Reading also, I was just reading Bill Hicks, Love All the People that's a great book.

Why do you think you really took off in France and not so much over here with Londinium ?

I have no idea! I'm still trying to figure it out to be honest. What I have noticed is that they are very attentive to music over there. Massive Attack and Bjork are very big over there, therefore I think they like depth. We had kind of given up and that album and we then got a phone call saying we had sold 100, 000 copies of the album in France . We gained fans and lost fans with the second album over there because they sounded so different but I think for the most part people liked out diversity. I also think with us not getting radioplay because of track lengths and things I don't think that helped.

What's next for you guys?

We have to get back into the studio; we also have a few festivals in Europe that I'm looking forward to. But the main aim is to get the album finished by Christmas so we can start the new year with a new album. We are also planning on doing a UK show at some point that would be really good. I really want people to see us now; I think we might blow some people away.


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