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Robert Redford Celebrating 75th Birthday

18th August 2011

Robert Redford, the legendary American actor, is celebrating his 75th birthday today (18th August 2011). Redford has had a long and distinguished career in Hollywood, starring in classics such as 'Butch Cassidy and the Sundance...

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Tom Araya Wants Immortal Music

27th July 2011

Tom Araya wants Slayer's music to become immortal.The group's bassist and vocalist believes it's important to produce albums that will live forever and be passed on from generation to generation.He said: "I think if the...

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Demi Lovato Hopes To Help Fans With Her Honesty

22nd July 2011

Demi Lovato hopes her honesty about her personal problems will give her fans the courage to seek help for any difficulties they may have.The 'Skyscraper singer entered rehab last November for three months to receive...

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Sharon Osbourne Taking Break From The Talk

22nd July 2011

Sharon Osbourne is taking a break from 'The Talk' to spend more time with her husband.The 58-year-old star insists she is not leaving the discussion programme for good but she will not be on the...

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Osbourne To Take A Break From The Talk To Spend Time With Ozzy

22nd July 2011

TV personality Sharon Osbourne is temporarily walking away from her hit U.S. daytime show The Talk so she can spend more quality time with husband Ozzy Osbourne.The rock matriarch and her husband have struggled to...

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Demi Lovato's Recovery 'An Ongoing Process'

21st July 2011

Teen star Demi Lovato accepts the depression and eating disorder issues which landed her in rehab at the end of 2010 will continue to dog her for years to come.The singer/actress checked into a treatment...

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Sebastian Bach Dating Model Minnie Gupta

6th July 2011

Rocker Sebastian Bach has found love in the studio while working on his new album.The former Skid Row star, who confirmed that he and his wife Maria Bierk had separated on New Year's Day (01Jan11),...

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Wilson Launches New Internet Project

16th June 2011

Tom Hanks' wife Rita Wilson has taken on a new project - she's helping to launch an Internet news website aimed at the over-40s.The Sleepless in Seattle actress will serve as the producer and editor-in-chief...

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Cnn Leads All Other Cable News Networks Online

8th June 2011

While CNN continues to struggle to stay out of last place among its cable news competitors -- it landed on the bottom on Monday night -- it handily beats not only them but also virtually...

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Italian Star Cuccarini Inspired Beyonce's Billboard Show

26th May 2011

Beyonce has credited Italian star Lorella Cuccarini with inspiring her dazzling performance at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards.The R&B superstar earned a standing ovation after performing her new single Run The World (Girls) in front...

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Flintstones To Return -- And Fox Has Them

17th May 2011

The Flintstones have been caught up in more media consolidation deals over the past half century than any other animated family -- and they're about to see more. Originally created in 1960 by the then-fledgling...

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Cannon Refused 'Cliche' Marilyn Name For Baby Girl

12th May 2011

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon settled on calling their newborn daughter Monroe because the actor/rapper refused to be a "cliche" and name the tot Marilyn after the famous blonde bombshell.The pop superstar gave birth to...

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Gwyneth Paltrow's Performance Fears

10th May 2011

Gwyneth Paltrow is a "nervous wreck" when she has to sing in public.The 'Country Strong' actress has showcased her vocal talents at a number of high-profile events this year but she still gets scared when...

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Jordin Sparks Bikini Twitter Photo Causes A Stir

6th May 2011

Jordin Sparks, the 21-year-old singer and former winner of American Idol, shocked fans earlier this week by tweeting a photo of herself in a bikini. Jordin Sparks, who recently lost a reported 30 pounds in...

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Catherine Tate Tipped To Replace Steve Carell In The Office

8th April 2011

British comedienne Catherine Tate has been tipped to take over from Steve Carell when he departs The Office later this month (Apr11).The former Doctor Who star will appear on the current season finale of the...

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Writer Exposes Apparent Conflict Of Interest At Aol Companies

16th March 2011

A writer for, which was acquired last year by AOL, was asked by a representative for Moviefone, also owned by AOL, to "tone down" an article she wrote about Summit Entertainment's The Source Code...

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Paramore Prepare New Material For Summer

18th February 2011

Paramore are set to release new music by the summer. The 'Ignorance' rockers - which have recently had to overcome a bitter split from guitarist and drummer Josh and Zac Faro - said they are...

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Ex-nbc Chief Wanted Huffington

9th February 2011

Former NBC chief Jeff Zucker said Monday that he had tried to acquire the liberal-leaning Huffington Post and position it as an adjunct to cable network MSNBC. Speaking at Harvard's Shorenstein Center, he noted that...

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Aol Acquires Huffington Post

7th February 2011

It was barely a shadow of the deal that AOL founder Steve Case made in 2000 when AOL acquired Time Warner for $164 billion, but the Internet company, now divorced from Time Warner, is back...

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Cyrus Is Worst Celebrity Influence

27th January 2011

Disney star MILEY CYRUS has been voted the world's worst celebrity influence for the second year in a row.The 18-year-old singer/actress topped AOL's survey in 2009 and she has now taken the dubious honour...

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Miley Cyrus Voted Worst Celebrity Influence

27th January 2011

Miley Cyrus has been voted the worst celebrity influence of 2010. The 18-year-old singer-and-actress topped the poll for the second year in a row on AOL's (Just So You Know) - a website targeting...

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Butler: 'Dio Would Still Be Alive If He'd Seen Doctors Earlier'

8th January 2011

Tragic rocker RONNIE JAMES DIO's cancer death could have been avoided, according to his HEAVEN & HELL and BLACK SABBATH bandmate GEEZER BUTLER.The bassist wishes his pal had seen a doctor earlier - because Dio...

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Neil 'Doesn't Trust' Motley Crue Pals

5th October 2010

Rocker VINCE NEIL is always skeptical when his MOTLEY CRUE bandmates contact him, because he's convinced there's always an "ulterior motive".The singer has endured a strained past with fellow Crue stars Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx...

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Degeneres Strikes Deal With Online Giant

7th September 2010

ELLEN DEGENERES has struck a deal with communications giant AOL in a bid to boost the website's visitors and advertising revenue.Bosses at the company approached Telepictures Productions - which makes the funnywoman's hit U.S. chat...

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Zombie: 'Albums Are Dead'

12th August 2010

Rocker-turned-filmmaker ROB ZOMBIE has predicted the death of the CD album, insisting music fans will soon stop paying for music altogether.The former White Zombie frontman insists the album format is outdated and bands will have...

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Jonas Group Launch Teen Website

28th July 2010

Pop trio the JONAS BROTHERS have become the latest stars to launch their own celebrity website to offer teen-friendly entertainment to fans.Brothers Kevin, Joe and Nick have teamed up with bosses at AOL and launched...

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Clarke Frustrated By Police Investigation Into Hit-and-run

15th June 2010

Former GUNS N' ROSES star GILBY CLARKE is frustrated by Los Angeles police attempts to catch the guy who knocked him off his motorbike and sped away - after he identified the motorist.The rocker was...

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Korn's Fieldy Planning Jazz Fusion Solo Record

24th February 2010

KORN bassist REGINALD 'FIELDY' ARVIZU is planning to shock fans with his second solo album - the heavy metal rocker has abandoned the genre in favour of jazz fusion.The Freak on A Leash rocker is...

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Silverman Speech Sparks Online Complaints

16th February 2010

SARAH SILVERMAN received a barrage of complaints about her speech at a technology conference last week (ends14Feb10) - after her controversial routine failed to impress organisers.The comedienne was booked to appear at the TED (Technology,...

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Manager Told Scorpions It Was Time To Stop Rocking

28th January 2010

German rockers the SCORPIONS chose to split for good after their manager suggested they'd never be able to top their new album.Guitarist Rudolf Schenker tells AOL the band was in the middle of a listening...

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