Review of Fluorescent Black Album by Anti-Pop Consortium

Review of Anti-Pop Consortium's album Fluorescent Black released through Big Dada.

Anti-Pop Consortium Fluorescent Black Album

Anti-Pop Consortium have always been known for their experimental hip hop that consists of futuristic sounds mixed with virtuoso hip hop lyrics, certainly not for your average Joe. The combination was a perfect signing for Warp Records and the most well known album 'Arrhythmia' released in 2002 that earned them a tour with Radiohead. Now the hard hitting crew Beans, High Priest, M Sayyid and producer Earl Blaize are back.

If you've never heard Anti-Pop Consortium before best be warned 'Fluorescent Black' is an assault on the senses. There are all the sounds of techno wizardry, bleeps and blasts and even guitar most notably on the opener 'Lay Me Down' that is guaranteed to hit you in the face. Such a combination of sounds is futuristic 'out there' production and all this with relentless, provoking lyrics delivered by old skool emcees. There's no show boating, glam or bling, this is Mothership music taken to an extreme level of futuristic experimentation. Tracks like 'Shine', 'Volcano', 'Capricorn One' and title track 'Fluorescent Black' are edgy, deep and heavy. 'NY to Tokyo' is an excellent track featuring good skills from stable mate Roots Manuva.

'Fluorescent Black' is serious! It's so heavy that it's hard to know whether I like it or not but it's certainly intriguing. That's because it's 'anti-pop' and that's exactly the point. It's not made for popular accessibility, it's made for fusion and experimentation that you can't help but respect. You can't deny the originality and in your face uncompromising attack on the senses. For me this is punk rock, psychedelic craziness and techno head banging with hip hop! A truly unique record completed with interesting lyrics and fantastic flow. Intense!

Tareck Ghoneim

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