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Results Review


There's a loose charm to this comedy that disarms the audience, raising smiles instead of laughter as three nutty characters swirl around each other. But writer-director Andrew Bujalski (Computer Chess) seems happy to just let things meander without much sense of momentum and no real underlying point. So the characters become less endearing the more we get to know them.

It's set in a gym in Austin, Texas, where the dim owner Trevor (Guy Pearce) has a dream to create the ultimate holistic fitness centre, a goal constantly belittled by his sharp-tongued employee Kat (Coby Smulders), a fitness-obsessed personal trainer with whom he once had a brief fling. Their newest client is the recently wealthy Danny (Kevin Corrigan), who is just looking for ways to spend money and kill time. But Kat once again blurs professional boundaries, and Danny sacks her. Trevor steps in, offering Danny some whole-life training, which inadvertently convinces Danny to invest in his super-gym, working through a quirky lawyer (Giovanni Ribisi) and an estate agent (Constance Zimmer) who happens to be Trevor's current squeeze. What could possibly go wrong?

Bujalski reveals details about each character slowly, with back-stories and flashbacks thrown randomly into the unfocussed narrative. The film has a brisk pace, but is fairly aimless until more details are revealed about these people. Pearce is very funny as the too-serious Trevor, and his earnestness is the perfect foil for the cynical Kat, who is played with stinging cynicism by the up-for-it Smulders. The problem is that while their mutual physical attraction is believable, the underlying romance isn't. And while Corrigan completes the triangle nicely, he's so disinterested in everything and everyone that it's difficult to imagine him ever developing a proper friendship. Thankfully, the interaction is packed with barbed wit and some intriguingly dark emotion.

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Results Trailer

Many people would love to be rich and still have plenty of free time, but for Danny (Kevin Corrigan), it is a living hell. He may be newly rich, but he's also recently divorced, and his bank account does little to help him in the dating game. When he decides to attend a fitness class, he meets Trevor (Guy Pearce) - the lively and energetic personal trainer. He also meets Kat, (Cobie Smulders), and finds himself immediately attracted to her. But when the three of them are forced into a professional relationship with one another, it is their personal feelings which begin to clash.

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Premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "The Water Diviner"

Anthony Michael Hall - A variety of stars were photographed as they arrived to the premiere Of Warner Bros. Pictures' "The Water Diviner" which was held at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California, United States - Thursday 16th April 2015

Anthony Michael Hall and Lucia Oskerova
Anthony Michael Hall
Anthony Michael Hall and Lucia Oskerova
Anthony Michael Hall and Lucia Oskerova
Anthony Michael Hall and Lucia Oskerova

'The Breakfast Club' To Return To US Theatres For 30th Anniversary

Molly Ringwald Ally Sheedy Judd Nelson John Hughes The Breakfast Club Anthony Michael Hall

It’s been 30 years since John Hughes’ classic The Breakfast Club hit theatres and changed the teen movie landscape. So what better way is there to celebrate the iconic movie’s birthday, than by bringing it back to the cinemas for a whole new generation.

The Breakfast club castThe Breakfast Club cast reunited in 2010

A restored version of the film will be shown in 430 U.S. theatres for two nights on March 26th and 31st beginning at 7:30 p.m. local time, as part of ‘The Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary’ celebrations presented by Fathom Events, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment and BY Experience.

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Foxcatcher Review


Director Bennett Miller continues to skilfully probe around the edges of true stories with this follow-up to Capote and Moneyball, although this is a much, much darker tale. Actually, it's such an unnerving series of events that it's not easy to watch, and its characters aren't easy to like. But it's so expertly shot and edited, with startlingly full-on performances from the entire cast, that it can't help but get under the skin and chill us to the bone.

It opens after the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, where Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) and and his big brother David (Mark Ruffalo) both won gold medals for wrestling. But they need help with funding to train for Seoul 1988, and Mark gets a remarkable offer from billionaire John du Pont (Steve Carell) to start a wrestling team at his vast Foxcatcher estate in New England, which is known for the thoroughbred horses managed by John's imperious mother Jean (Vanessa Redgrave). Aside from wanting to stay home with his wife (Sienna Miller) and kids, David doesn't trust John, so Mark heads to Foxcatcher on his own. But John's obsession knows no bounds, and soon he lures David and family to join them.

Initially, John's interest in wrestling feels like a mere eccentricity, a way of creating a team of "thoroughbreds" to rival his mother's prize-winning horses. But Carell cleverly plays the role with an insinuating glint that makes us wonder what he's up to, and his wrestlers see it too, going along with his nutty plans simply because the money is so good. Then the squirm-inducing twists and turns start, as John introduces Mark to cocaine and everything starts to spiral out of control. Nearly unrecognisable with a prosthetic hook nose, Carell is genuinely terrifying because his performance burns so slowly.

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Screening of 'Foxcatcher' - Arrivals

Anthony Michael Hall and Lucia Oskerova - Screening of 'Foxcatcher' held at the Prince Theater - Arrivals at Prince Theater - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States - Sunday 2nd November 2014

Bennett Miller, Nancy Schultz and Anthony Michael Hall
Anthony Michael Hall

Foxcatcher - International Trailer

Mark Schultz (Channing Tatum) is brought to the Foxcatcher institute by multi-millionaire John du Pont (Steve Carell). Mark is a wrestler, and a good one at that. He confides in du Pont that he wants to be the world's best wrestler. Du Pont himself has his own motives - he wants to be the coach for the world's best wrestling team. But as training steadily creates friction between Mark, his brother Dave (Mark Ruffalo), and du Pont, it appears that not only are the athletes on edge, but their coach is actually becoming more and more mentally unstable. 

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Foxcatcher - Teaser Trailer

John du Pont is a multi-millionaire sports coach who has taken an interest in wrestling, wishing to train up a team for the upcoming 1988 Seoul Olympics at his state-of-the-art training facility. When  Olympic Gold Medallist wrestler Mark Schultz catches his eye, Mark can't believe his luck having always felt overshadowed by his renowned older brother Dave. Mark and du Pont develop a strong father-son relationship that pretty soon begins to get a little unhealthy; Mark starts to realise that there's a lot more to du Pont than he initially thought as he starts to witness increasingly volatile and erratic behaviour from him. Nonetheless, he is overcome by jealousy on seeing du Pont's newfound obsession with his charismatic brother and through the whirlwind of unusual bonds, deepening insecurity and unstable emotions, tragedy of the worst kind is about to ensue.

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Foxcatcher - Clip

Mark Schultz is an Olympic Gold Medallist wrestler who is often overlooked as his older brother Dave is renowned in the same sport. One day, Mark is invited to the luxurious home of sports sponsor John du Pont, who wishes to train up a team for the forthcoming 1988 Seoul Olympics at his own training facility. Mark is thrilled to be recognised for his talents for once, and begins to appreciate du Pont like a father. Unfortunately, it soon becomes clear that du Pont is not all he once appeared to be, being prone to increasingly volatile and erratic behaviour, and his support of Mark begins to get unhealthy. Not only that, but it seems he is now obsessed by the charismatic persona of Dave, and through jealousy and spiralling paranoia, tragedy of the ultimate kind is about to ensue.

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Picture - Anthony Michael Hall Beverly Hills, California, Friday 14th October 2011

Anthony Michael Hall and Beverly Hilton Hotel Friday 14th October 2011 25th American Cinematheque Award honoring Robert Downey, Jr. at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Arrivals Beverly Hills, California

Anthony Michael Hall and Beverly Hilton Hotel
Anthony Michael Hall and Beverly Hilton Hotel

Picture - Anthony Michael Hall Hollywood, California, Thursday 28th October 2010

Anthony Michael Hall Thursday 28th October 2010 Los Angeles Premiere of 'Due Date' held at the Grauman's Chinese Theatre Hollywood, California

Anthony Michael Hall

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