Since it's debut in the late '80s, UHF has since managed to obtain some sort of cult status; mostly among potheads and manic, munchie-hungry, college kids. Creator "Weird Al" Yankovic would blame its dismal box-office performance and subsequent disappearance on a release date which pitted it in a hopeless battle against some of the most popular films of all time. But judging from the content of the film, that's just an excuse. Thankfully, Weird Al has stayed away from movies ever since.

UHF stars parody song-writer Yankovic as a hapless dreamer who assumes control of a failing UHF television station. This serves as the perfect format for Weird Al to do what Weird Al does best: parody! Honestly, UHF is really just a platform for Weird Al to engage in his usual assortment of skits, song parodies, and wacky hijinks. When focusing on that, UHF is dumb, but quite honestly funny. Michael Richards (the future Kramer) even jumps in as Weird Al's crazy janitor, who eventually earns his way on air as a popular children's show host.

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