Review of Feet On The Ground Album by Anthoney Wright

Review of Anthoney Wright's album 'Feet On The Ground'

Anthoney Wright Feet On The Ground Album

London based man Anthoney Wright is a soul man no question. It seems the UK is producing some heavyweight soul voices right now and Wright is up there with the likes of Byrne Christopher . 'Feet On The Ground' is produced by Absolute and co-written by Wright.

It's ok. I mean Anthoney Wright is talented and all the tracks on this album are ok. They're well produced, have a catchy feel, well sung and have a familiarity that you could connect to. For example 'Reset To Zero' has a fun aplomb and big band jazz feel that could get the most hardened man tapping his feet and loving lyrics and sweet sensibility to get the kind caring women swinging the lead whilst hovering. The lyrics are mainly about love and relationships cause this singer is a loving man and sensitive guy. There's slow tracks like 'I'm A Fool For You Now' to look into your partners eyes, more upbeat swingers like 'Looking Through The Window' to shake to and even a hint of P-Funk with 'A Little Piece Of Everything'. Although the last track on the album 'Tell Me How' is my favourite due to its uplifting spirit and for some reason it brings back a reminder of something, maybe the 80's.

The whole album definitely 'sings' different influences, there's definite Al Green influences, possibly Lenny Kravitz but is it anything new that would make me buy it? I can tell 'Feet On The Ground' is good quality and Wright is a talented singer but it's not comparable to Rapheal Saadiq, and I think that's the main problem with it. Instead of hearing someone re-hashing the same routine, we should be looking for a innovative, explorers of soul rather than a sensitive straight male. Perhaps I'm not the right audience for Wright as I'm sure many listening to Radio 2 will like it and the ladies for sure will love it.

Tareck Ghoneim

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