Composer, producer, arranger, programmer and multi-instrumentalist Anomie Belle, better known to her Ma & Pa as Toby Campbell, is a bundle of talent that is set to realise its full potential. Having travelled the world on her musical journey of discovery; writing, producing and playing, largely for the greater benefit of others, she returned to her American homeland. Not entirely enamoured with the State Of The Nation and it's ever growing consumerist culture she set about putting her point across (directly, but eloquently, aired here with 'on TV') and decided the time was right to showcase her rather individual qualities.

Anomie Belle (Translated as Beautiful Isolation apparently) released her debut solo album, 'Sleeping Patterns' back in 2008. Critics and programming soundtrackers immediately took notice and Anomie's unique vocal styling's and electronic infused music have been heard on some unlikely platforms for an activist against the consumerist society which they sometimes perpetuate. Putting that tricky conundrum aside, what matters is that her music is good enough. It's notable for its individuality, the structure of the compositions and the skilful arrangements in which Anomie's voice is allowed to shine.

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