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Winslet To Take 'Lucky Charms' To Oscars

25th February 2005

KATE WINSLET believes her parents' presence at Sunday's (27FEB05) OSCAR ceremony (05) will ensure she takes home the Best Actress trophy. The British beauty has taken her "lucky charms", mother SALLY and father ROGER,...

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Arnie Hosts Starry Birthday Party For News Man Brokaw

8th February 2005

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER and his wife MARIA SHRIVER opened up their Bel-Air mansion in Los Angeles to their starry friends on Sunday night (06FEB05) to stage a 65th birthday party for retired US news man TOM...

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Staunton Expects Oscar Glory

7th February 2005

Movie star IMELDA STAUNTON is expecting to beat KATE WINSLET, HILARY SWANK, ANNETTE BENING and CATALINA SANDINO MORENO to be named Best Actress at this month's (27FEB05) OSCAR Awards. The 49-year-old actress says she...

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Moreno's Shock At Oscar Nod

31st January 2005

Film newcomer CATALINA SANDINO MORENO is still in shock following her Best Actress OSCAR nomination for MARIA FULL OF GRACE - because she thought the movie was only ever destined for TV broadcast. The...

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Oscar Actress Nominees Land $15,000 Gift Bag

29th January 2005

Best Actress OSCAR nominees KATE WINSLET, HILARY SWANK, IMELDA STAUNTON, ANNETTE BENING and CATALINA SANDINO MORENO are already winners - they've received $15,000 (GBP7,890) gift bags from Victoria's Secret. The gift packages include Oscars...

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Bardem And Bening Triumph At Bangkok Festival

24th January 2005

Spanish movie THE SEA INSIDE has been named Best Picture at the BANGKOK INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL in Thailand. The film, based on a true story about a paralysed man's fight for the right to...

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Casablanca To Hit Los Angeles Stage

11th January 2005

Hollywood stars ANNETTE BENING, HARRISON FORD and JACK NICHOLSON are being lined up for lead roles in a stage adaptation of classic movie CASABLANCA. Writer DAVID RAMBO has adapted the original 1942 screenplay for...

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Loach Honoured By London Critics

30th December 2004

British film-maker KEN LOACH will be honoured for his outstanding contribution to cinema by the London Critics Circle. The director will receive a special award for a 40-year career, marked by movies including KES,...

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Sideways Triumph At Southeastern Critics Awards

21st December 2004

Road trip comedy SIDEWAYS has triumphed yet again with the critics after picking up Best Film and Best Director at this year's (04) SOUTHEASTERN FILM CRITICS ASSOCIATION. ALEXANDER PAYNE's film about two friends -...

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Bening Dreams Of Appearing On London Stage

25th November 2004

ANNETTE BENING is planning to follow in the footsteps of her peers GWYNETH PALTROW, NICOLE KIDMAN and HOLLY HUNTER - by appearing on the London stage. The BEING JULIA actress, 44, who has four...

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Bening: 'Spacey Is Unusual'

19th November 2004

Hollywood star ANNETTE BENING has praised her AMERICAN BEAUTY co-star KEVIN SPACEY for his professionalism, but claims she found him "unusual". The wife of WARREN BEATTY is currently promoting her new film BEING JULIA...

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Bening Ignored Beatty's Womanising

18th November 2004

AMERICAN BEAUTY star ANNETTE BENING was unfazed the first time she met her husband WARREN BEATTY, despite his reputation as a legendary womaniser. Bening and Beatty fell in love on the set of 1991's...

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Bening's Dvd Hatred

16th November 2004

ANNETTE BENING hates recording commentaries for the DVD release of her movies, and had to be begged to provide one for her new film BEING JULIE. Until now Bening has always refused to co-operate...

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Bening: 'I'll Grow Old Gracefully'

7th November 2004

AMERICAN BEAUTY actress ANNETTE BENING is refusing to battle the ageing process, and is instead looking forward to the changes in her appearance. The 46-year-old star - wife of Hollywood legend WARREN BEATTY -...

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Bening: I Didn't Tame Beatty

7th November 2004

AMERICAN PIE star ANNETTE BENING has slammed claims she tamed her actor husband WARREN BEATTY. The couple first met in a Los Angeles restaurant in 1991 to discuss the film BUGSY, and Bening not...

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Jagger To Produce The Women

28th October 2004

MICK JAGGER is donning his producer hat again to take charge of a star-studded remake of 1939 classic THE WOMEN. Jagger, whose production credits have included World War Two espionage thriller ENIGMA, is also...

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Bening Has Doubts About Beatty's Political Future

27th October 2004

ANNETTE BENING doubts her husband WARREN BEATTY will ever give up acting to vie for a role as President of America - because he loves making movies too much. After the release of his...

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Berry Thankful Of Diabetes

26th October 2004

HALLE BERRY is thankful she suffers from diabetes - without it she's convinced she'd never have become an OSCAR-winning actress. The MONSTERS BALL star has suffered the disorder since childhood, but rarely speaks about...

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Bening: 'Beatty For President'

21st October 2004

OSCAR-nominated actress ANNETTE BENING has put forward her acting legend husband WARREN BEATTY as a perfect US presidential candidate. The AMERICAN BEAUTY star tells American magazine MORE her spouse of 12 years would be...

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Dicaprio, Bening, Foxx And Fahrenheit 9/11 Lead Early Oscars Charge

19th October 2004

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and ANNETTE BENING have become frontrunners for a 2005 OSCAR after picking up acting prizes at last night's (18OCT04) HOLLYWOOD FILM AWARDS. The couple claimed Actor and Actress of The...

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Moore And Kutcher's Romance Beats The Odds In New Poll

15th October 2004

DEMI MOORE and ASHTON KUTCHER's unlikely romance has led to them being dubbed the top Hollywood couple that beat the odds. Moore, 41, and 26-year-old Kutcher sparked a slew of headlines when they started...

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Dicaprio And Bening To Be Honoured At Hollywood Festival

28th September 2004

LEONARDO DiCAPRIO and ANNETTE BENING have been selected to receive top honours at the upcoming HOLLYWOOD FILM FESTIVAL. They are slated to receive the trophies for Hollywood Actress of the Year and Hollywood Actor...

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Bening Will Not Play Younger Roles

23rd September 2004

American actress ANNETTE BENING is always willing to play characters older than her - because it makes acting more "interesting". The 46-year-old screen star plays a mature London actress alongside OSCAR-winner JEREMY IRONS in...

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Bening Worried About America's Image

22nd September 2004

American actress ANNETTE BENING is concerned about her country's current image abroad. The AMERICAN BEAUTY actress - who is currently at Spain's SAN SEBASTIAN film festival - told audiences waiting to see her new...

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Bening: Early Tip For Oscar

20th September 2004

Actress ANNETTE BENING will win her first ACADEMY AWARD for her role in new movie BEING JULIA, according to critics. The star, who has twice been nominated for OSCARS in the past, has been...

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Dash Picks Bening For New Movie

21st June 2004

Rap mogul DAMON DASH has picked his star for his upcoming comedy DIVA - veteran actress ANNETTE BENING. The movie is based on a play written by HOWARD GOULD, who wrote the movie's script...

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Tomlin Hosts Autism Benefit

15th October 2003

Comedienne LILY TOMLIN has teamed up with a host of celebrities to perform an evening of one-act plays to benefit autism. The NINE TO FIVE actress will act as the host of ACTS OF...

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Tim's Gay Dreams

5th September 2003

Country star TIM McGRAW has an odd TV wish - he'd like to play WILL's gay love interest in hit comedy WILL + GRACE. Meanwhile, producers are trying to persuade Hollywood lothario WARREN BEATTY...

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