The film adaptation of the iconic Les Miserables had its glamorous premiere at Midetown’s Zeitgeist Theater last night. The film has been highly anticipated and has received mostly positive reviews so far. As with all adaptations, fans of the original will probably either love it or hate it. The actors themselves, however, had nothing but good things to say about working on the film with director Tom Hooper (The King’s Speech).

“It’s my favorite Broadway show and I was obsessed with it”, commented actress Amanda Seyfried, who plays the part of Cosette in the adaptation. Anne Hathaway, who has taken on the role of Cosette’s mother, Fantine, sounded equally excited about the film. For the demanding role, she had to go on a crash diet and lose 25 pounds, but it was all worth it, at least if the initial reviews are anything to go by. The other stars of the film, Hugh Jackman and Russel Crowe, also attested to the fact that working on Les Mis has been an exhausting experience, but ultimately worth it.

A lot effort has gone into the film’s marketing as well, with the stars having traveled around the world for the past month to attend promotional events for the film. All of these reached their culmination at last night’s glamorous premiere.

Les Miserables hits theatres on Christmas Day.