Anne Hathaway’s ex wants a pardon, from the US president, after he was jailed for fraud and money laundering. The swindling Italian businessman was released from prison in May 2012 and according to the Huffington Post, he wishes to lobby for a presidential pardon, so that he can return to the US. As a convicted felon, he’s currently far from welcome on US soil and we can’t imagine that his Oscar-winning ex would be any more interested in his return than the US government.

Sources told Huffington Post that the real estate con-artistis trying to buy an energy company in Switzerland. However, unsurprisingly, he’s struggling to find the money to do so. Apparently, Follieri is missing the lifestyle of the United States and must really be kicking himself to see Anne’s recent Oscars success and of course, her marriage to Adam Shulman last year. 

Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway's ex Rafaello Follieri is itching to get back to the States, after being released from prison

When they split, Hathaway confessed that she felt foolish, having ben duped by Raffaello’s scheming behaviour but her friends and family gave her nothing but support, for which she said she felt very grateful. “I expected everyone to judge me,” she told The Telegraph in 2010, “but all I got from family members, friends and strangers – from every corner – was compassion. I found it so humbling, and it really got me through everything.” Hathaway had no knowledge of her then-partner’s illegal dealings but became embroiled in the case when she was forced to hand over thousands of dollars worth of her jewelery, which was later auctioned off.