Anne Hathaway may bring out hit movie after hit movie but the actress just can’t catch a break. No matter how hard she tries to prove how quirky and genuine she is, she’s never managed to convert the hoards of self-proclaimed ‘Hatha-haters’. What is ‘Hatha-hating’ you may ask? Is there a cult of dedicated yoga detesters protesting outside fitness classes? No, Hatha-haters aren’t quite so middle class. Rather it’s a term coined to describe those who have come to vehemently dislike the Les Miserables actress, despite her best efforts to win them over.

anne hathaway hathahateHoards of 'Hatha-haters' dislike the actress for being 'false'.

But why do so many people claim to hate Anne Hathaway? She’s isn’t over exposed Kim Kardashian style, she doesn’t act like a diva (and demand $6million for a tweet) like Katherine Heigl, all she does it put in consistently solid performances, win awards and generally mind her own business. It was actually the award winning that kicked it all off in the first place. Her breathless Golden Globe acceptance speech was slammed as being totally staged, one Hatha-hater explained, “I didn’t buy it and she was incredibly annoying”. Her soundbite from the speech, describing her award as a “lovely blunt object that I will forever use as a weapon against self-doubt” was met by a global gag by those who claimed the rehearsed line was the antithesis of spontaneity.

The problem, they assert, is that Anne Hathaway doesn’t come across as someone wracked with self-doubt. Richard Lawson, entertainment writer at The Atlantic Wire explains, “She always seems like she’s performing, and her favourite act is this overstated humility and graciousness.” 
Unlike Jennifer Lawrence, who’s quirky charm has been embraced by the masses, while the whole world wants to be her best friend, no matter how “genuine” Anne Hathaway tries to be it always falls on deaf ears.

anne hathaway hathahateAnne Hathaway and another of her 'lovely blunt' objects.

But really, is it just to just stop the Hatha-hate and be a little bit more understanding? The public eye scrutinises and is unforgiving, because Anne Hathaway isn’t as adept at letting her true personality shine through to the press at all times doesn’t mean she is disingenuous and worthy of hate. She’s an extraordinarily talented and versatile actress, she should be praised for her skill rather than chastised for not being able to live up to the unrealistic standards set by the world for female stars. Surely her recent performance with Jimmy Fallon, where she showed off her rapping skills, may have warmed the world to her a little? She may not have the natural charm of J-Law, but she’s wiling to be a little silly and she should at least get some kudos for that.

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