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Picture - Anna Skellern - Photographs of... London United Kingdom, Sunday 7th December 2014

Anna Skellern - Photographs of a host of stars as they arrived for the Moet British Independent Film Awards which were held at the Old Billingsgate in London, United Kingdom - Sunday 7th December 2014

Anna Skellern
Anna Skellern

Picture - Anna Skellern - Lulu Guinness... London United Kingdom, Thursday 11th July 2013

Anna Skellern - Lulu Guinness Paint Project Party at the Old Sorting Office - London, United Kingdom - Thursday 11th July 2013

Anna Skellern

Picture - Anna Skellern - OK! Magazine's... Los Angeles California United States, Friday 22nd February 2013

Anna Skellern - OK! Magazine's Annual Pre-Oscar Party held at the Emerson Theatre - Arrivals - Los Angeles, California, United States - Friday 22nd February 2013

Anna Skellern
Anna Skellern
Anna Skellern
Anna Skellern

I Give It A Year Trailer

Josh and Nat thought they had the most perfect relationship and made no hesitation in getting married despite their family and friends doubting their longevity. In their first year of being hitched, cracks begin to show and they don't feel as connected as they once were; while before they were very much emphatically in love, now they don't feel like they know each other at all. For one thing, they are polar opposites: Nat is a successful working woman, but Josh is struggling in his career as a novel writer. Before long, Josh's stunning ex-girlfriend Chloe floats into the picture flaunting her enviable figure, while at the same time a handsome new client, Guy, enters Nat's life tempting the newlyweds away from each other. As much as they try and convince themselves that they are happily married, they flounder against their friends' adulterous encouragements.

From the writer of 'Ali G Indahouse' and 'Bruno', Dan Mazer has taken up new project 'I Give It A Year' which he has also directed. It's a brilliantly funny British comedy with many nail bitingly awkward moments and one with a message to make us question true love and happiness.  It is set for release on February 8th 2013. 

Director: Dan Mazer

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Gambit Review

Remade from a 1966 romp starring Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine, this con artist action-comedy is enjoyably silly but never much more than that. Part of the problem is a lack of chemistry between stars Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz, and the film focuses on goofy slapstick instead of a coherent plot. So we may chuckle along the way, but it's hard to be interested in anything that happens.

Firth is at the centre as Harry, a London art expert who has a score to settle with his arrogant billionaire boss Lionel (Rickman). So he sets up an elaborate scam involving a fake Monet painted by his talented pal Wingate (Courtenay). But they need the help of a sassy Texan, PJ (Diaz), to make it work, and she doesn't play along as Harry imagines she will. Soon she's flirting shamelessly with Lionel while Harry sneaks around in the background setting up the con and struggling to pay for her extravagant stay in the Savoy. Meanwhile, Lionel is trying to make a deal with a group of hard-bargaining Japanese businessmen.

While the Coen brothers' script bursts with absurd wit, Hoffman directs the film as a mindless farce, missing every chance for black comedy. From the animated Pink Panther-style titles, the tone is light and frothy, the characters are paper thin and the plot's convolutions never seem to amount to anything. Most of the big set-pieces are irrelevant asides, such as a half-hearted scene involving the lion that's featured far too prominently on the movie poster. Or a long sequence in which Firth cavorts around the Savoy without his trousers. It certainly doesn't help that Firth and Diaz never generate even a spark of attraction between them.

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Gambit - Trailer Trailer

Harry Deane is a pretty hopeless British art curator who has suffered years of condescension and disrespect at the hands of his preposterously rich and eccentric boss that is the renowned art collector Lionel Shabandar. Frustrated at his own lack of recognition in the art world, Harry decides to organise an elaborate plot of revenge on his employer by tricking him into buying a seemingly priceless Monet painting that happens to be a fake. As part of his cunning ploy, he travels to the states and meets a stunning, blonde Texas cowgirl who he enlists to help him by posing alongside her grandmother as inheritors of the valuable piece. He takes her to England where Shabandar is immediately taken with her and goes to all lengths to charm her. Harry's affection for Nicole is also growing and his jealousy of the two of them results in more than one embarrassing situations.

This flamboyant crime comedy is a remake of the 1966 Academy Award nominated film of the same name which starred Michael Caine ('The Dark Knight', 'Children of Men') and Shirley MacLaine ('The Apartment', 'Terms of Endearment'). Not only has this 2012 movie also got an all-star cast, it has been written by the multi-Oscar winning writing brothers Ethan Coen and Joel Coen ('No Country for Old Men', 'Fargo', 'True Grit') as well as being directed by Michael Hoffman ('One Fine Day', 'The Emperor's Club'). It's set for release in the UK on November 21st 2012.

Starring: Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci, Cloris Leachman, Tom Courtenay, Togo Igawa, Anna Skellern