Anna Ryder Richardson, the British television presenter best known for her interior design role on daytime show 'Changing Rooms', is to face court after a mother and her toddler were crushed by a falling tree at her zoo. Richardson, 48, is being prosecuted on health and safety charges following the incident at the Manor House Wildlife Park.
Emma Davies-Hughes, 28, and her 3-year-old son Gruff were visiting the wallaby enclosure at Richardson's wildlife park in Wales when a branch fell in strong winds, crushing the young boy and leaving him fighting for his life in an intensive care unit. He is still receiving treatment following the incident, which happened back in 2010. His mother Emma was also badly injured, suffering a head wound and fractures to her legs and arms. Richardson was at the park at the time and was left "devastated" by the accident, however, Pembrokeshire County Council confirmed that the television presenter and her husband Colin will face two charges of breaching the Healthy and Safety Act.