Anna Paquin was surprised when she realised she was in love with Stephen Moyer.

The 27-year-old actress - who met her fiance when they starred alongside each other in 'True Blood', where their characters are a couple - didn't plan to fall in love with the hunky actor and was shocked by how strong her feelings for him were.

She said: "Put it this way, I don't think anyone knew before we did. Clearly there was a reason we were cast in that particular combination but... it's not like either of us were looking for love or anything trite like that. It wasn't something we saw happening."

Despite their celebrity status, the couple - who have been together since 2007 - think their relationship is quite boring.

She added to Marie Claire magazine: "We're pretty mundane. We walk our dogs, rehearse lines. But our shared passion for our jobs is a really exciting thing. It's part of the reason we ended up together."

Although Anna happily admits she is loved-up, the couple have no plans to start a family yet because they're too busy with work.

She explained: "We're doing nights on season three now. I have trouble planning anything more than brunch with my friends. But when the time's right, we'll do it."