Although Kendrick had been singing since her early stage career, her vocal talents got their best showcasing in 2012's Pitch Perfect. Kendrick led the ensemble cast of musical comedy which took over $113 million at the box office. Kendrick's perfromance of the song, 'Cups (When I'm Gone)', was a particular stand out moment in the film and it went on to be released as a single, making it to number 6 on the US Billboard chart. Anna will be returning to Pitch Perfect next year, when the sequel is released in May.

Anna Kendrick at the oscarsAnna Kendrick will return to Pitch Perfect for a sequel next year

Alongside Pitch Perfect 2, Anna has pleanty more releases coming or way over the next 2 years. At the beginning of the year Anna premiered zombie flick Life After Beth at the Sundance film festival. She also has three films which have wrapped production and are scheduled for release later this year, there's Voices with Ryan Renyolds and then The Last 5 Years where Anna will once again be showing off her musical talents. Then there's the much anticipated into the Woods where Anna will be transformed into Cinderella. Currently, she's filming indie drama Cake alongside Jennifer Aniston which started shooting last week and is expected to be released next year. That's a whole lot of Anna coming our way, but luckily, we can't get enough of her.

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